About quitting smoking

I´m slowly quitting smoking. I visualized myself without smoking.

The hardest part by far is going to be the “social situations” because:

  1. I get nervous and enjoy having a cigarette.
  2. Often I use it as an excuse to go outside a crowded bar.
  3. The people I enjoy most they all smoke.

I’ve been meaning to quit for the past month or so, its a struggle. Good luck to you!!

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Think of the money you’ll save. Think how your health will improve. Over half the people who smoke die of smoking related complications.

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If u have a penis it grows larger cuz the blood vessels that are damaged from the smokes heal up last penis talk I swear mods


For me smoking it´s getting really old…

That´s scary.

That´s good!


:+1:hopefully it’ll be easy for you to quit then! If you really wanna quit I’m sure it’ll be easy

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Try getting one of those fake cigarettes. They have no nicotine and just blow water vapor. No one will know its not a real cigarette you can say its a vape.


The thing is that I want to quit the “having something in my hand or mouth” addiction aswell.

But I was going to start smoking CBD aswell.

I don´t know how succesful I will be.

Well sometimes we can take things one step at a time. You don’t have to drop every bad habit at once, that can be challenging. Also, i don’t see the harm of wanting something in your hand or mouth. For some people that tactile stimulation is relaxing. You just need to change it to something healthier in your hand or mouth like a fidget cube or some gum.

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In attempting to quit (im still smoking but want to quit soon) I noticed how many times a day I think about cigarettes and its really alarming. When I wake up = cigarette. When I get home=cigarettes. After I sweep=cigarette. On commercial breaks, after I eat, coffee…before and after a shower, before bed, while cooking. On and on I literally think about cigarettes all day everyday. You dont really notice till you take the cigarette away how much you brain triggers you through out the day to smoke. And that was what was so hard for me and I haven’t beat that aspect of quiting. But I’ll be trying again in the near future. I was using the nicotine lozenge which worked very well, it was really my thinking that led me back to smoking not so much a feeling of nicotine deprivation

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I’m having a difficult time quitting. One of the things that I think helps is having something else to do with that time, although just hanging out would be difficult.

EDIT: I have heard from a few people that it can take many times to successfully quit.


Somehow I got quit after decades of heavy smoking.

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I’m celebrating 45 days smoke free, I did it cold turkey which I sort of figured was my docs preference/theory on how best to make it.

A good Pdoc told me once it takes a year to quit, which I appreciated hearing because I’ve had ‘quits’ before which have felt like success but ended in failure.

II don’t know how to help @dreamer54 though, if i had smokers in my life, and still went to bars I wouldn’t make it.

A little while after I quit, my other was asking me to go back to smoking because she didn’t like how I’d become.

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