About nonsense

When I was a carhop, one day there was almost no business. The boss had to point it out to me that it was because it was raining. It was a revelation to me that something about business made sense. I had long since lost interest in the real world due to the idea that, as it was presented to me, life was not a matter of making sense. The fact that there is sense to life is recharging my brain a little, but I am still very cynical. The need for money did give rise to the selling of a lot of nonsense, outsmarting and bullying.

When I was a kid, we used to go to the restaurant “A & W”. You order through a microphone. A carhop would come to your car and bring your food. And back then, A & W had the BEST root beer of anywhere. Did someone order a “Papa Burger”?

It was an A & W, but carhops took the orders, too, back then. We had a burger called a Purple People Eater.

Yeah, I probably remembered it wrong. I think you’re right about the carhops taking the orders too. After all, you would know better than me, right?

Not necessarily. This was 1959.

My family used to go to A & W in L.A. when I was 5 or 6. That would be 1966. Sexy chordy in the waitress uniform, lol!


We don’t have A&W we have Dick’s Burgers and for a while they had carhops. I could NOT imagine keeping a tray of food from spilling while on roller skates.