About my voices

My voices’ names are:

Xavier Stinson
Aubrey Karew
Wolf Karew
Yamako No Mikoto (She is a japanese Kami)
Suito Akiyama
Mokuko Akiyama
Sakura Yami
Hôjô Sōun (He was a real life Samurai back in the day)
Kikyo Sōun (She is actually me from a past life, she was a miko, the daughter of Hojo)
and so far, those are all my voices.

Some things about htem:

You guys who have been on the other forum know Xavier, Aubrey, and Wolf. But I’m gonna tell everyone about some others.

Yamako is the Goddess of the Stars. She is also a trickster, kind of like Loki in Norse myth. But she is the daughter of Amaterasu.

Kikyo was, as I said, me in a past life. She was called to exorcise some demons and she was literally torn apart by them. I have other past selves, but all of them end horribly. Kikyo’s death was the most peaceful, honestly.

I have seen them myself, with my own eyes, and I know they are true.

I never named mine.

I asked who they/it was and all it would say is “satan”.

It says “we” alot, we this and us that.

I don’t think kami belong to any nation.

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Mine don’t have names either… just personas

The panic man… benign and annoying chatter
the commentator … benign and annoying chatter
the good doctor… my calm logic
the little girl… the worst of the voices and will upset me and make me feel ill.

I lost the hypnotist. I haven’t heard that voice in a long time. fine by me… that used to be very upsetting as well.

I only have one name. Michelle. She is the nice one. I don’t want to know the rest.

i have over 200 voices. they take it in turns to speak. the main ones now are soldiers, mel gibson personality, mel b personality. loads of other actors both alive and dead, my family, friends, neighbours, strangers. you name it i’ve heard them.

My voices are real people, but sometimes in the past I have also received voices of my dead relatives, for example when I lived in my auto I often had a voice of one of my dead relatives who died in 1998 saying ‘I committed suicide’, but I never did.

In addition to voices I sometimes have had visions, for example, when I lived in my auto in America and I had not seen my father in 10 years, I saw him in my vision and I even told one Dade County librarian that my father looked like Osama Bin Laden and when I returned back to Finland and saw him at the first time in 10 years, there he was with his long beard.

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That’s what my voices say too. That they are the devil. They come as thoughts in my head.

My medicine doesn’t work really.

They aren’t just voices sometimes.

They showed me that they can physically effect things and even harm me.

“Devil”, a funny word there, conjuring up images of a red guy with a tail and pitchfork.

Well some of my voices have names I gave them to represent who they demon 1 and 2 and I sometimes see demon 3. But some give me their names. Like bob and angle and little kirsty. Demon 1 and 2 talk to me but the others talk about me loudly amongst them selves. My most frightening voice is Mr clown. He doesn’t speak but he claws at the windows. He looks frightening. I honestly feel like I have spiders in my skin. And sometimes my voices become me. It’s so frightening! !!!

I have external and internal voices. The external ones are usually family members and they ramble on about things, usually creating a problem that doesn’t exist. I was convinced after I “overheard” a conversation between my parents that they were getting a divorce, but I’m honestly not sure weather or not that was real or a figment of my mind.

I have been trying to ignore the internal ones as much as possible, but even if I ignore their voices they can still effect me. I haven’t named them ever, but I think there are two and they are definitely distinguishable from one another. One constantly tries to stop me from progressing my romantic life. Every time I have an opportunity or feel like I’m getting somewhere with someone, it intervenes; either shutting down my communication or causing me to screw up the relationship. I don’t really know the other all that well, but when I have smoked too much weed alone, they have had a conversation with one another.

Since quitting smoking the internal voices have been quieted, except for the one messing with my romantic and social life, but I still overhear conversations between people from time to time that I try to ignore. I can never tell if they are real or imaginary.

I always feel like I can hear others speaking bad things even on the streets far away. So I no how u feel hun.

I’m here for u

Your friend cybil25

The word “Kami” is the Japanese word for “God” or “Goddess.”