About my father

I love my father, he is a single parent since 2004. We lived together in the Australia temporarily and only returned to Malaysia early this year. He has cataracts on his both eyes recently. The upbringing is not easy. I was rebellious during puberty. He has just retired this year at 63 years old. His savings is sufficient for another 5 years. I could not provide for him because of low income. I told my father last night: “In case you use up all of your savings, you can sell the house… I don’t need the inheritance.”

I love to talk to the elderly because they make me feel at home with my father.


It’s heart-warming to hear you have a strong love in your life Plumber.

Take care. :v:

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Thank you azteccelt. Normally I keep all of these secretly in the heart. However, it seems like I am slowly opening up my heart to strangers.


I hear ya. I’m kinda getting over my own paranoia. Slowly but surely.

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thats a good thing :slight_smile:

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Thank you daydreamer. You are a cute guy.

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My Dad died three years ago. I still feel him around me and I know he loves me. It’s reassuring.

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Ur really a deserving son…
Ur father must be proud of U…:revolving_hearts:

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