About going back to college

So it’s time to apply for colleges. I’ll go to a private one, because it’s easier access and right now my mom can afford it.

There’s a very good one, with internship but it’s a religious school.
There’s another one, not religious but without internship.
Then there’s the public one, which is basically impossible to get into to.

I think if I apply to the religious one I might regret it. Than there’s just two left and my chances of getting in one next semester become really diminished.

So there’s that, this was supposed to be a question but I kinda answered myself while writting.


You might investigate the religious school further. It might not be too stringet. A lot depends on your tolerance for that kind of thing. Just a thought. It’s your decision.

lol, I was about to type, not the religious one…too triggering! but you seem to have figured it all out.

Maybe apply to all three and then you can choose after you are admitted? I applied to PhD programs at USC and a State University as a “Plan B” option…actually prefer the plan B option now…can you apply to the one without internships and find your own internship? Maybe online?

I’d like to see you apply to all 3, and hopefully get accepted to all 3. :smiley:

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Religion is my highest trigger, I don’t think I’m able to do interships teaching kids values of christianity, goes agaisn’t everything I stand for and believe in. And it’s not good for my mental health, I won’t put myself in that position again, waste of perfectly good money

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Yeah, my sister thinks I shouldn’t apply to the religious one. My mom says I should apply to where I feel like going. :slight_smile: Thanks for understanding and help, the intership online is a good idea

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Okay. You know yourself best. I probably tolerate more of that than I should. There is a lot of fundamentalist religion around where I live. I try to avoid it, but it would not be liked if I expressed my skepticism openly.

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I think you have a good way of dealing with your beliefs and the religion around you, I noticed that. I wish it wasn’t so triggering for me, I can become really intolerant because of the trigger it is. I don’t like to become intolerant.

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Health is first. Then education.

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You’re right, it’s what I’m thinking too.

In the United States, what you major in is much more important than what university you go to. Some exceptions apply, such as the elite ivy league schools, but for everyone else that can’t get into those universities, the specific major on their degree is primarily what is important. Perhaps it’s different in the EU though.

Be careful about choosing a useful major, otherwise you can end up worst off than you would of if you did not attend university at all. If you choose a degree that does not help you start a career, then you’ll be saddled with student loans, which will effectively give you a lower income than you would of had if you did not attend college at all.

Yeah, it’s different. And no bank gives student loans here, public university is relatively cheap and only those that can afford it go to private.

I’m chosing to major in elementary teaching to do my masters in special ed. There’s a lot of work for that. If I can’t do that, I’ll major in kindergarden teacher to do my masters in special ed. Still, a lot of work.

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What are you prospects of actually finding a job in Portugal or will you have to relocate to another country in the EU?

Has the unemployment rate in Portugal finally started to improve?

Ever thought of studying abroad? I think here in Scotland students from the EU get their degree paid for. Not 100% sure though.

It’s getting better, still a lot of jobs for special ed though.

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I thought of that, but my mom can’t afford that and I can’t work and study at the same time because of mental health issues.

Why don’t you apply to the public one anyway, you might get accepted. Then go to the non religious private one if that doesn’t work out.

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I’m applying to both actually, if I get in both I’ll go to the public one that’s better. Easier to park also :slight_smile:

Geez, all systems go then. Exciting stuff! I really hope it works out for you. This is major stuff.

Yeah, I’ve been procrastinating real bad. Some insecurities about going back to college and all of that, but I’m able to do it, I just need to get in my head that I’m more functioning than I believe myself to be.

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Minnii, Wish you good luck with whatever college you apply for.

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