About cutting

I was thinking “If it was alright for doctor to cut, then it’s ok.” Because cutting supposedly can heal. How do you see your way out of that one?

I suppose it depends where you cut.

If you’re thinking about cutting yourself, don’t. It’s different from a doctor’s cut I think. Because surgeons only cut when that option is better than not cutting.


When is the option better than not cutting? A stab wound is a stab wound.

I guess when not cutting would lead to greater suffering or death. Like removing a tumor or something.

To be honest, when I harmed myself during mania and psychosis, i found an alternative to cutting.

It’s more gruesome and primal, and i won’t say what it was.

At the end of the day, harming yourself is really not ok. It’s an obvious sign something is going severely wrong.

As with anything it’s the reason behind the act that matters.

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