About a year ago I abducted an alien

Afterwards he wernt back to his spaceship and told his friends but nobody believed him and they told him there’s no such thing as earthly abductions.



Love it.


I just love your sense of humor @77nick77 :joy:


Makes me think of these:


Lol, good. I never know if what I write is going to go over good or bad. Some of the things I write that I think are hilarious will bomb and something I think is stupid like this gets a good response, lol.


Poor alien :pensive:



Classic thread

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I want to be alien. :alien:

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Maybe they diagnosed him schizophrenic :slight_smile:

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I tried, but apparently its parents had warned it about taking candy from strangers driving white vans. (Le sigh.)


Man lotta alien talk goin on lately. My kinda posts

The entrance exam is tough.


I have confidence. Although I think I need to change My DNA.


Don’t feel sorry for him. He is mean to his cat and he bugs his neighbors by playing old Led Zeppelin albums late at night really loudly.

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Reminds me of the time I stopped for a hitchhiker once…
He wanted OUT.

I saw many aliens when I lived in my auto, once near Savannah, Georgia there was the whole family of aliens living in their van, I suppose they were from south of Texas, well I continued my journey not knowing what happened to them, hey I was also an alien …

Often I woke up early in the morning in my auto when some alien cleaned streets in Miami around at 5 AM, I called these people as the people of the skull, aliens kept the US economy running, I suppose they were from the planet Cuba.

In the USA I had even the alien membership card, but only once one person wanted to see it, I could have been from the planet Mars … In one Japanese alien high tech company they said that I spoke the famous alien language Finglish. This alien Japanese firm was a part of the great alien company Hitachi from the planet Japan where they speak many alien languages.

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The USA is full of aliens, even Albert Einstein was an alien and developed the alien technology in Los Alamos, or his theories, and these techs were used by Enola Gay to drop alien technologies in another planet, aliens keep the US economy running …

My English sounds like a Finglish :smile:
And your story sounds like a Scobby Doo cartoon where the great scary creatures in the end turn out to be a bankrupt owners full of grief.

Hey you need to learn the real story, back in August 2001 just before the 9-11 event the whole technology park in Atlanta was full of firms going bankrupt, everything was going down, but then war started and … so on … the whole US economy was going bankrupt, but then they started spending money which made some sectors to recover. There are so many stories from America … even an alien George Soros said ‘maybe in this way the recession is shorter’, it lasted one month.