Abnormal movements

Has anyone experienced abnormal body movements when they have NOT been on medication? My son started having abnormal movements in Jan. He was not on any medicaiton though 6 months earlier he stopped Zyprexa. the movements were like slow tai chi-like poses and then they became a bit more rigid. did n’t do it all the time. Since he is on meds now, doesn’t have big motions but they are still there. He says it’s connected to trying to focus. Had a full neurological exam…in hospital. He is not officially diagnosed with schizophrenia. Dr. in hospital, suggested it’s related to something psychological and that he can control mvmts.

When I wasn’t on meds I would freeze. Just 10 seconds I was stuck like a manikin. My brain would just glitch and there I’d be, frozen mid-step so to speak. When I was diagnosed and unmedicated I would slow down. I was told I walked slower and it just took more concentration and energy to do stuff like pick up the cup and get dressed.

It used to take me so long to get dressed. The confusion going through my head made getting dressed, tying a shoe, picking up a plate really hard for a while.

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i don’t do meds and use ’ unusual movements ’ to focus my mind on my fingers or tapping a door etc…it gets you out of your head in to the ’ outside you '.
a clinical pyschologist told me it is normal to do this as i have stated above.
take care