Abise’ s poetic license

I’ve made a thread… so I can put my poems and writings in one roof :no_mouth:


-Who is-

Pressed it, sent the letter
Brighter future right under my finger tips

Ain’t no return ticket to this plane baby
Just in case your thinking of tripping out on me

so hold your breath…

Cuz I’ve made my decision already
So pull up a chair and let us enjoy our last spaghetti together

I’ve even toasted garlic bread to honor it

Condiments to garnish with oregano and your favorite olive oil dip
Cooked with my feet, this authentic Italian dinner but forgot to have the candle lit

My baby’s leaving (smiling while crying)

No honey I ain’t, you can meet me in Astoria on the N-line

Came but you never stayed

I did what I did
but I blame you for my pain


The poem has some great imagery, but this is my favourite

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Thank you! :pray: @Cragger

Person who can do that has immense strength…

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I agree. Makes me think of my sister

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She must love you tons…

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The feeling is mutual. Very strong person

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-Hypnagogic love-

Since I’m feeling like I’m high

I don’t see why not we don’t touch

Stroke it everywhere, ■■■■

And sleep for eleven hours

Like we ain’t gonna miss anything…

Put her a ring

Put her a ring

I’d put her a ring

I’m pushing mops Like all I’ve got

But I’m scheming to be loved by you

Can I kiss ya in the cheek why not?


I’d put her a ring

Put her a ring

I would like to assist us relief our pain

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Still not much changed

I pull my boot strap up to goto work
A little order to my life.

Serving food to fellas in chains
Women folding our clothes.

We get to watch sharks on TV
Gasp when it shows drama
Relate when it plays cops or something forensic.

Smile when the bread is sweet

A police officer took me to the optometrist
At times when I couldn’t see.

I walked in town with shackles on my feet and cuffs.


Why are you so kind to me?

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There are steps you need to climb before you reach the gate.

In whilst you will find three keys.

You pick it up and realize

That you need to think about about certain occasions that made you happy.

Kindness that you’ve reached to others

Or when somebody’s kindness have been given to you

That made you smile.

Nice :slight_smile: can’t wait to read them

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Haha thanks :blush: but you just did!

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I wished you wouldn’t play with emotions

You let me cry but rejoice

Your presence of radiance

Takes my tears away when I see you

Stop it

Your making me happy

I don’t want to fall in love

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■■■■ you father

You tell me Japanese won’t be accepted

In my own country

It’s not my fault I’m Asian

You made me

Your supposed give me confidences

Of who I am

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