Abilify Tiredness, What Do You Take For Energy That Isn't Caffeine?

Abilify makes me very tired all the time. Has anyone else that is on Abilify found a solution to this and takes a supplement that isn’t caffeine that wakes them up?

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Didn’t you already start a thread about this earlier? :deer::deer::deer:

Perhaps he wasn’t getting enough replies?

I am prescribed vyvanse 40 mg for focus and energy. I think it hardly works.

I take Modafinil.

I did start a thread about this earlier, but this thread I re-worded a bit, also I wasn’t getting enough replies. Modafinil isn’t an option for me. I only want to know about safe supplements, not prescription drugs.

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mindlabpro.com has a good nootropic stack.

I recommend consulting with your pdoc before starting this supplement.

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Thank you for the link. However $65 is too much money for me to spend on a 1 month supply of these supplement capsules.

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