Abilify speeds me up too much

I feel too sped up on this medication. Like I have no patience what so ever and am impulsive. Anyone else felt or feels this way on it. But what I find odd is that it slows me down in other ways. It’s a really odd medication to be on.


abilify works for me mostly

I’m on 2 antipsychotics
recently Abilify has been increased and the other one decreased
when I take it in the morning I get very high it’s quite good but I just have to keep moving have to walk out on the beach…
I think I’m preferring it’s to being sedated but yes quite restless

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I had insomnia… and made swooping decisions in my ‘portfolio’ that didn’t pan out for me.

@Aziz can attest to this too.

Be careful if this sounds like you.

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Yea Abilify made me impulsive and compulsive.


I get impulsive too, but not sure if its the meds causing it or my illness.

Abilify is pure bliss I love how it made me feel