Abilify seems to be working


I’m on 20mg, soon to be on 30. There was a rough path where I experienced some psychosis, but things seems to be settling down. I feel like I’m finally on the path to recovery :blush:


That’s good news @Smokes! Hope things continue to get better for you!


Thanks! :heart:


does abilify have a anti depressant effect…does it up your mood @Smokes


I don’t really have a problem with mood, aside from blunted emotions.


From my understanding abilify is a mix of olanzapine and an ssri


Yeah good news. Hope it works out well for you. Once you find something that helps stick with it! It makes a world of difference!


Thanks friend!! :heart:


Yay! :smile: Good news!


10 mg worked for me but I think I’m gonna change AP’s due to side effects