Abilify mechanism of action

So abilify is a partial agonist but is it recommended for a medication to be a partial agonist because the brain will change the signal of the transmission of dopamine thuss messing up your thoughts it is even recommended for a medication to be a partial agonist i prefer that it be a antagonist with low occupancy levels without muscarinic receptors blocking

Abilify is a fantastic med in my experience

It changes chemicals but that’s what meds do. We have a chemical imbalance in the brain as schizophrenics

not really it is like cocaine it increase dopamine in the brain thats against the law of science you dont want to change the laws of science

moreover it is from otsuka pharma in japan near where the nuclear explosion happened i mean did they even recover from that explosion to create that med

Are you a chemist??

Myself, I’m not, I’m just a schizophrenic, but before I started abilify I was in the hospital twice each year

Now I’m fairly stable it’s not perfect but it’s a helluva lot better than before

That’s my testimony. You can question your meds but the science of myself is I’m much more stable and comfortable on a dose of abilify each morning

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Just take your meds…

Where is the evidence, from what I see the only proof of imbalance is the one antipsychotics cause

It lowers dopamine, what do you mean? Horrible drug either way, definitely something sinister went into the design of that drug.