Abilify good sources

Hi, I am currently on abilify depot. Having been discharged to the community I am now stopping the depot However I was reading really horrific things about going cold turkey and it’s not something I want to put up with. Does anyone know any reliable sites to get the oral abilify from so I can cut it down gradually.


This is NOT a good place for people to advise you to come off your meds, nor provide a name of a place that sells Abilify.

The pharmasist? Good place to start. Talk to your pdoc if you want to come off meds. You should not try it alone. It can be really really bad.

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Memory impairment is listed there as a side effect. Withdrawal should be done in intervals of every 14 days, probably best to take 5mg off each time you go down. You should tell your psychiatrist before making any attempt to withdraw on your own, and explain the reason why. If you don’t have a psychiatrist and can’t afford it, then find someone to help you get the medication refilled. It’s not worth the risk not to take it cold turkey, it can cause extreme psychosis and stroke. You are more at risk withdrawing from Abilify than overdosing on it. It’s when it leaves your system that your body goes into shock because you’re so used to it. It can cause anxiety, insomnia, and psychosis if done too quickly.