Abilify gives me dissociation?

Ive been taking Abilify 5mg for years. Before that I tried Solian/Amisulpride and Risperidone and was worse.

Still I am dissatisfied with Abilify. Shortly after I take it, I feel dissociation from my body - like I lose myself and cannot center myself. I hate this disconnection from my body. Its like a forced OBE (out of body experience). In the evening this dissociation subsides, but for 5 or 6 hours Im “like a deer in the headlights”.

Did you same strange feelings while on it? What AP alternatives are suitable probably?

PS please forgive me my bad English, Im from Germany.

Best wishes

My problem on Risperdal was anxiety, along with being “a zombie” with the sedation, and other concerns. Most of my problems went away when I switched to Abilify. At first I took 5mg and was having positive symptoms. After my dose was increased to 15mg I am fine now. Abilify doesn’t control positive symptoms as well with me, but I’m happy because I am no longer sedated.

I understand, I take it before bedtime otherwise im exhausted by it. Am on 10mg now, sometimes it gives me this feeling as if I am about to die or something. Like a paralyzed feeling. So at day it’s not good, best to take it before sleeping ( what my pdoc said )