ABILIFY. Did it help?

my son is switching from injection of INVEGA to ABILIFy. He’s on pills now. He’s been hearing voices and destroyed 2 computers and his cell phone over past 48 hours

The voices had been apparently telling him to do it

I counted his pills and it turns out he was missing at least half of his meds. Now I am giving it to him and watching him swallow. Anyone find ABILIFy helpful in terms of schizophrenia?



I switched from invega injection to abilify pills. It works fine for me.

I’m on Abilify. It works for me and keeps me sane.

It can take quite a while to build up in your system, like a month. It doesn’t work overnight.

I take Abilify orally, and though it does not completely eliminate the voices, I tolerate it very well

They put me on invega not abilify at the hospital because i had behavioral issues due to psychosis. apparently abilify is not as good at treating those and can cause some behavioral issues, and if you dont take the meds that’s another story.

Everyone’s experience with meds is unique. Abilify didn’t work for me at all, but for others it did. The only way you will know if it works for your son is for him to try it and see what happens.

I’m moving towards abilify next month unless pdoc says otherwise. I hope you find him help. It’s hard sometimes but I believe in recovery.

abilify was horrible for me…I was semi delusional but sane enough to think i was o k…just sayin’.

There is a family and caregivers forum to check out here if you wanted

Anyways, there is no answer anyone can give to help you here except anecdote.

These drugs work very differently for different people, just don’t lose hope. You’ll find something but make sure the treatment is balanced with benefit vs. side effects

I think many people here do well on Abilify, but I was not one of them.

I’m on invega 234mg and just added abilify 10mg to it.
Invega keeps those anger issues away for me at least even when I hear something negative.

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