Abilify compulsive gambling lawsuit

I am in debt to my mother over 10k and was wondering if I apply for a class action lawsuit do I have to show them something to prove this? And is there a risk that I could lose my social disability pension for doing this? I don’t know the rules regarding being on social disability and gambling but I used my mothers poker account to play…

If you have this motivation, pretty sure it would come to light in a lawsuit and you would lose.

I’m always nervous about things like this!

Maybe you could ask them if you could join it, it’s more of a case of finding out who is funding it and what their level of social responsibility is. Rather than them being money grabbers, who’d represent any mug!

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what are you even saying Scottb I have no idea what you just said…

Abilify was nasty. I couldn’t sit still to watch a movie.

IMO gambling can be addictive even without Abilify.

If there is a class action case, the lawyer you pick would be the one to answer questions.

yea your right, you can delete this thread now

No need to be rude is there.

How exactly am I being rude? I have no idea what you said… it doesn’t make any sense at all

Never mind…

Don’t you realize that all these lawsuits make the cost of healthcare more expensive and the companies researching schizophrenia less willing to do so? It may even cause the government to not pay the very high costs of paying for the meds some day. It’s terrible when a person gambles his fortune away but others do it too and you are gambling the nation’s health away with your ridiculous lawsuits.