Abilify and Prolixin

My son is taking the 400mg LAI Abilify plus 30mg oral. He is still having delusios and intrusive thoughts and difficulty reading for school. (He used to be on honor roll). Riperidone and Invega Sustenna stopped working. The Haldol they forced on him against his and my will inpatient gave him increased hallucinations and zombified him. Zyprexa also made him a Zombie and the transition off Abilify resulted in horredous psychosis that resolved eithin 1 hour of putting him back on Abilify with a temazepam. He is afraid to get all the way off Abilify but I think the LAI 400 plus 30mg oral plus 5mg Prolixin is too likely to produce side effects. Jukebox changed from Abilify to prolixin…how? Does anyone have any experience with transitiining. The pdoc is planning to keep him on all of this together. Oh…he also has narcolepsy and he gets elevated prolactin. He has gained 60 pounds. The pdoc refuses to consider vraylar or any other atypical saying they wont work.

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Different people react to the medications differently. Abilify got me amp’ed up. I don’t know about your pdoc refusing to put your son on the atypicals. Geodon and Seroquel have controlled my symptoms for years. Maybe you could try them. Maybe you should look for a different pdoc.