Abilify and food

Anyone else feel sick after takin a few bites of food on abilify? Or can it be a med gone wrong in the heat (103 today)… And my biggest worry could it be pregnancy?

I’m on abilify and don’t feel sick eating food.

I would go ahead and take a pregnancy test if that’s a worry for you,

Its better to know.

Abilify made me feel sick all the time not limited to after eating.

I had so much nausea after eating on abilify. I was only on it for about a month before I had to switch

I’ve never had that side effect.

I’m on rexulti, I know it’s not abilify, but similar.
It has really cut my appetite down.
I can only eat small portions or I get a little sick.

Please be careful with pregnancy and Abilify. If you’re pregnant you should call your psychiatrist.