Aaron, Devon and Rebecca - My Voices' Names

Aaron, Devon and Rebecca, those are the names of the three main voices i hear. I yelled at them outside the store, they were trying to convince me to eat the small little 3 volt button batteries i bought for kay’s glucose meter.

Aaron, “do it do it, do it you coward”
rebecca, " she’s scared, look at her she’s crying"
devon, “she’s not scared she’s a pussy a fat ■■■■■■■ pussy!”

me, “shut up and leave me alone!”

(pardon the language devon is very vulgar"

I feel terrible for using such language, i just had to talk to someone about the voices, i sorta forgot take my latuda earlier i take around four but usually i’m okay as long as i take by 6 but i was late.

Probably not helpful to yell at them - what do other people think?

Yelling at voices in public tends to scare other people, and then they will treat you differently.

I think best to talk back to them quietly or just in your mind.

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No one really said anything, they just kind of stared. I got asked by an off duty police officer if i was okay, i told him yes. I told him i was just having an off day, he gave me his card.


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@Erratica I’m sorry, the police officer was very nice, i think he recognized me when my in laws called the cops on our neighbors for smoking pot outside on the back porch of their house;

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I used to shout at my voices… to fight back. My sis gave me a dead cell phone so when I used to yell at them, I’d pull out the cell phone… if I remembered.

I’m sorry it’s getting like this for you. I hope you feel better soon.

I used to never care about shouting at my own head…

I’m proud of you for fighting back and not eating the batteries. command voices used to be so mean to me.

Good luck and I’m rooting for you .


My one voice is male and he’s called Alien. The female one I don’t know what she’s called, but she defends me against Alien’s accusations and insults.

My voices had names once, but I took their names away.

They all three insult me just different ways. Devon’s the worst he’s downright rude and obnoxious.

I have a nice voice. Her name is Michelle. She told me. But I don’t trust her. Maybe she just plays with me? Acts nice to be trusted and then becomes evil.

Talking to my voices only makes them worse. They start to yell at me and use fowl language too