A word of encouragement

ppl on this forum are very nice. everyone on this forum should give themselves a pat on the back for being supportive of each other. u guys are going through a lot but take the time care about others and give advice and support. i feel like us as sz’s are helping other sz’s more than mentally stable people around us do.

tbh if i hadnt joined this forum, i might’ve just ended up deciding to take a year off school becuz i was just in such a bad place. but u guys were there when i needed help, or just someone to talk to. the dedication and support that we put in this forum is such a beautiful thing and we should be proud of ourselves for it.

i feel like if u have sz, u need to know that u r working a kabillion times harder than everyone else just by being alive. so even having the capacity to think beyond yourself is so intelligent and something that we should be proud of. and its a skill that even ppl who dont have sz struggle to obtain.we’re very talented and smart ppl who accept each other and got each other’s backs.

so if we’re doing all this work and being so active and supportive of each other, then on some rough days we can have times where we just say “f*** it! im doing so well. im a good person. i can just let loose sometimes”

today im going to end my night feeling that way as i finish my essay assignment for school while enjoying warm cups of tea.

we’re all awesome! lets continue being naturally awesome :grin: :sparkling_heart:


What are some important things you’ve gained from this forum that helps you in school @anon30470407.

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Just really good advice on what to do when starting homework and getting enough sleep. But more so just really great emotional support with encouraging words. It just makes me happy knowing that ppl care (^.^)


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