A Word about Moksha

Moksha in Sanskrit denotes “spiritual liberation.” Apparently my brain has taken this idea and exploded it into a preposterous delusion that no one will ever buy. Apologies if I wasted your time and mine. I will call my med manager’s office ASAP to try to get my problem fixed. I don’t think the Varylar is working, even though I’ve taken it faithfully for over two months. Thank you for your indulgence and good day.

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How do you mean exploded into a delusion?

I don’t honestly think that if there were a truly ‘spiritual’ person that they would be regarded with much respect in the modern world.

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Then maybe Yogananda’s opinion was alright for what it was? I dunno. Thanks for this vote of confidence, however. And you’re likely right. I was merely going by the number of “likes” on my longer post, and now there’s only been one – well, two.

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I think just because spirituality ‘may’ make someone delusional is not grounds for it to be demonized.

That seems to be how the world treats it all around…

Or maybe it’s that people are concerned with, as Teal Swan puts it, how they appear? I.e. I don’t want to seem ‘crazy’ to everyone else. And that’s a big part of why everyone stays away from it.

Not even Christians or Catholics seem interested in mystical or spiritual experiences. They seem more worried about how they appear or just condemning the world…

Also, from what I’ve read, if a person becomes susceptible to others judgments for having interest in mysticism or spirituality then they aren’t going to get far. It’s harsh…

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I have a weakness, and that is that I am honest to the point of being to my own detriment. I tell the truth as I perceive it, as it is shown me, and try to get it across to others like a bodhisattva would – that they also be free and the world be united in freedom, liberty, harmony, love, and light.

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Should I publish my longer post on WordPress, with my heart in the right place, i.e. that it’s not for any glory of mine? That is not my intention!

I don’t see why not.

Most everything everyone does is usually with good intentions.

I just saw this, from remembering it and I imagine it’s what liberation leads to.

Personally, I don’t find regarding the ‘rules’ of most spiritual circles should be regarded as they’re taught.

Just reading Across the Unknown challenged a lot of beliefs I had about the subject.

Just one thing: who am I? I am just a guy who lives in Oregon, USA. Just a poor sz on disability benefits, just a 51yo… I shall publish it and watch the video. Thank you. Thanks for your consideration. I shall be brave and face ridicule and scorn. Thank you.

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Watched the video. Appears the woman dies, tho she gets to go home. She is lost to this world… Guess I’d better be prepared for home. What does the golden mandala in the back mean?

I don’t suppose it means anything in particular? It’s just beautiful and breathtaking…

And it seems ‘it’ is a part of the way ‘things’ form. At least to me it seems that way.


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