||| A Wish | A Genie in a Bottle | A Wish |||

I Hope, Wonder, & Wish That a Great Day is What You Are Having!.

That is All!.

:100: :100: :100:

I Also Hope, Wonder, & Wish That a Friend is What You Have Found!.

Even if That Friend You Have Discovered is You!.

That is All!, (Part 2)… . … :slight_smile:

(((A Spoken Whisper)))
She Found Courage to Take Flight
Somewhere Within The Beauty of Her Grace
Somewhere Bathing in The Moonlight
She Doesn’t Find Reason to Fight
What is Wrong Anyways, What is Right
Let Us Hold Our Hands Together Tight
Let Us Sing Among The Thorns, TONIGHT (!!!).

0.1) The Smashing Pumpkins~ ‘Tonight Tonight’. (Song/10/10). . . . . . .

:thinking: Happi Hallows Eve :thinking:


:thinking: Happi Hallows Eve :thinking:

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