"A wise man knows that half a potato is better than nothing"

circa 200 a.d

"A potato in the hand is worth two in the bush.


And a kilo of oranges from Israel costs 1.65 euros.


I just bought a 50lb bag of potatoes for 5 bucks…they are huge, the size of grape fruits…

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Really? Are you going to be able to eat all those before they go bad?

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Potatoes are cheap, but so are bananas from Costa Rica, a kilo of bananas is just one euro.

if you store them in a cool dry place a potato will last up to 18 months before getting soft

You might want to do a search on that so you know for next time. The website I went to says the shelf life of a potato in your pantry is from 3-5 weeks. If you freeze them they will last 6-8 months.

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Potatoes morning, noon, and night…

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There’s as many kinds of potatoes as there are kinds of apples . . .



Supermarket potatoes can start sprouting in a week or less.


I don’t often have potatoes. Mainly because I don’t like peeling them as I am slow with a potato peeler. You can get peeled potatoes but they are not cheap and have to be used quickly. Some people like floury boiled potatoes(my mother did) but I like them waxy.
On the odd occasion I make a casserole I chuck in a tin of new potatoes 35-40 minutes from the end of cooking.

@77nick77 @firemonkey

I live in Maine where potatoes are our number one export! also we have a species of potato that lasts longer than those you buy in the supermarket, the ones you buy in the store are a species that isn’t meant to last long, because if it did, people wouldn’t have to buy as many.

Think about it. people in the old days didn’t have freezers, they kept their potatoes in a root cellar all winter and spring, if they harvested the potato in September (like you are supposed to) and they were still eating them until July, that’s almost a whole year!

Also even if the potatoes start to sprout before I eat them , I will just plant them in my garden and harvest my own!

And @Moonbeam I have a book like that but its called “The Irish Book of Potatoes: Recipes and Guidelines to Care”


At the dinner table , after my father retired was always the same conversation between my parents. “These are waxy potatoes. I like mealy potatoes” + The other agreed. I didn’t say anything usually. I just ate the waxy potato on my plate - the kind I liked.

I wonder if it’s a generational thing. Our parents lived at a time when the usual potato was a mealy one.

You might be right.

Quarter the potatoes boil them skins on once they are done the skins will either have boiled off or will come off with a simple pull…i never skinned a potato for anything other than mashed potatoes and now i dont at all…all the good stuffs in the skins just have to scrub them good.

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Or cut the raw potatoes into strips and cook them in a pot of hot vegetable oil. You’ve got…french fries! Warning: don’t heat the oil too hot or don’t heat the oil so it boils. It could explode and burn the skin severely or cause a kitchen fire.

I like potatoes​:yum::yum::yum::yum:

And potatoes like you.


my late GF once set the kitchen on fire trying to boil water for mac and cheese…it mkes me sad to remember it, but also happy, because she was so upset and cried, and we jus snuggled for an hour and ordered Chinese food…

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How? Lol she set the kitchen on fire with water…lol…atleast the story ended sweet.