A whole year of voices/holograms

And I finally destroyed them. They were obsessed with me.

I’ve had enough.

Imagine me smoking weed at 5pm and talking to them for hours or daydreaming into oblivion. It’s a waste of time.

I destroyed my higher self too. Fed up of hearing his false promises of jumping realities. The only way to do that is through death, and I ain’t dying.

I obliterated the people/voices/Goddesses into aether and scattered it wherever it was.

I just need to keep busy now. I was almost gonna smoke a gram of cannabis everyday in order to jump realities or manifest things. Delusional.

I can live a good life here on Planet Earth doing the things I love.

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It sounds like you’ve stopped taking your medication

Still on them…


My voices work differently I used to be able to switch them on and off; but they keep coming back.

Will you hop on trt? What are the cons?

Cons would be my body ceasing natural t production.

I’m gonna come off the meds in August and see if I can get into the 400 range naturally. Jeff Nippard was in the high 400s

Maybe I’m one of those guys that naturally sits in the 300s.

My lowest was 187ng/dl

Highest 330ng/dl

I’m still tempted to do it though and lose weight.

Maybe the excess body fat I’m carrying is estrogenic?

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What’s your testosterone like?

And what meds are you on?

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I feel like I’m in a alt reality right now. Persecution…Orwell type nightmare… Still trying to stay positive but the rage is eating me alive

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Abilify 15 in the 500s range for T. I don’t qualify, but you do.

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Man you shouldn’t quit meds for at least some years.

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Why should you “switch” voices on?

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Too many side effects and I’m asymptomatic mostly

To speak to people from other dimensions/realities. My voices are not internal from my subconscious. They’re external.

What do you mean with dimensions/realities?

I wouldn’t smoke weed but thats just me

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Everybody is different. For me I find it relaxing. But I’m not smoking too much.

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Other places other than this Universe. They exist. I want to leave this Universe behind.

Sounds like you don’t take your meds/smoking pot