A weird situation

So same brand… different color… different result.

Hanes X-Temp T-shirts… They’re pretty wonderful… they breath and adjust how much they breath based on their temperature.

Anyways, wear the white one… and I don’t sweat. Wear the black ones… and I don’t sweat.

Wear the grey ones though… and I sweat… I can feel the difference and it is somewhat more insulated and for some reason even just looking at the thing makes me sweat. I think I have a defective/evil t-shirt. I’m trying to psyche myself out of it…

Just kidding with bitwise operator.

When all are blacks the result is false. When all are whites the result is false too.
It is a true output result when it is grey (either one is black or either one is white).

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righteo split the inputs between an or gate and and a nand then and that crap :slight_smile:

digital logic was fun

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