A weird shopping experience with Apple dealers

Partly was due to my fault.

  1. Purchased an iPod Touch, and not satisfied. Asked for refund, but the Apple dealer said “None of the Apple products can be returned once sold.”

  2. Prior to purchase of an iPad Mini cover, we requested for a closer look of this original Apple cover by saying “Can we open the box?”, but this Apple dealer replied “What for?” It was like: “Once open considered sold.” We bought the hard cover eventually.

That’s horribly bad service… Not a good way to treat customers.


Thank you for your condolence. It is not too bad, just weird. :persevere:

I have never purchased any Apple products, I have a simple Samsung phone and I am satisfied with it. Samsung has some great smart phones too as they have advertised.

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Glad to hear that you are satisfied with a simple Samsung phone.

Yes, it is crazy, Samsung launched S6 Edge not too long ago, then today comes the S7 Edge… It’s a never ending product cycles.

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