A Weird Occurrence

Didn’t post this in unusual beliefs because it cannot be logically explained, my apologies if you believe otherwise.

I had been in my bedroom a short while ago and everything was intact, however, when I had returned both my trousers and pipe had been moved.

The trousers could quite easily have fallen, so that is understandable, but there is no possible way that my pipe could have moved, I have no reason to move it, and there is nothing that could have pushed it or caused it to move.

What makes this occurrence all the more weird is the fact that the from door is locked, and both my sister and dad were sitting in the lounge the entire time. Therefore something or someone moved my stuff and I’m ■■■■■■ off.

Could be mind playing tricks… Might have thought you set it down in one place but really set it down somewhere else… I wouldn’t worry too much…

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No it hasn’t been moved for months on end, that’s what makes it weird, otherwise yes that would most likely be the correct explanation.

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