A Way of Dealing With Auditory Hallucinations

Hi Everyone!

I would like to introduce myself. I am a paranoid schizophrenic, scientist, artist and I live in Nevada. I graduated from University with a Bsc. I have a very handy tool for those of you that hear voices. Write down the inner dialogue, including your responses. Then read it back to yourself a few days later and see what you think! Keep this diary for yourself to “investigate” your illness, like a detective might :smile: Don’t believe anything the voices say ! If they tell you to be violent, or hurt yourself, just write it down and write down your response. Don’t take any actions! Transcribe the inner dialogue. I promise, it works for me! I’ve found a lot of empty threats in my inner dialogue, and I keep the diary around to read to my doctor or for my own edification. Even if the voices threaten you, do it anyway. That way, there will be a record. Thanks! Good luck my peeps.


I do this…

It’s helped me out many times.

There are times just getting the chaos out of my head helps me stop looping.