A warning for those on Medicaid

In the state of Michigan those that receive medicaid must conform to health standards or pay for their own insurance and higher premiums. Upon seeing their designated healthcare professional they must complete a assessment to determine if they qualify for medicaid. They have no choice of which doctors they can see. These doctors assigned by which area you live in. The doctors must turn in all of the patients medical information to the federal government for data collection. No exceptions will be made on which doctors you can and can’t see. They are targeting people that are over weight smokers drinkers high and cholesterol. They go as far as wanting to know how many vegetables one consumes. Most of the people receiving medicaid are way under the federal poverty line.

Short version

Here is the long version. It’s 200 pages long but the best parts are at the bottom pages

. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdhhs/Healthy_Michigan_Plan_2nd_Waiver_STCs_12_17_15_508663_7.pdf

Just don’t force me to take prescription drugs & we’re good. I’m a vegetarian, so I get plenty of whole foods (fruits & vegetables). I drink plenty of purified water and do not smoke, drink, nor am overweight.

You cannot force me to take drugs. Never again.