A voice just whispered

Into my ear. I’m scared. I told it to go away. I don’t like the ■■■■■■■■ whispering. ■■■■


Be brave @roxanna you got this


I hate the faint whispering too @roxanna. It can be worse and more aggravating-than audible insults and threats for me. I hope the whispering passes soon for you.

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It was so odd. I hate when they do the whispering.

I hardly ever have voices that seem outside of me anymore but the other night I heard loud one knock on my door. I know no one would do that and it happens a few times a year but usually as I’m falling asleep. I had just gotten into bed.

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yea i know i just had one say, get a job.

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That’s awful and hard to deal with. I’m sorry. Try to hang in there

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