A voice in my head told me

A voice in my head told me “Don’t listen to the voices in your head”

argh! it’s confusing!


lol. Now that is a conundrum. If you listen to your voice in your head to not listen to the voices in your head, you are doing the very thing it told you not to do!

It’s like someone telling you that they always lie. Well, then wouldn’t that also be a lie? But then if that’s a lie, that would mean that they sometimes tell the truth! and on and on it goes.

All joking aside, it’s probably not best to give your voices any credibility. I’ve never had voices myself, but from what I hear they are not reliable.


Mine use to do that. Like a bit of reverse psychology.

Theyd start telling me stuff then say “but you shouldnt listen to us because when you least expect it we will ■■■■ you up” lol

A couple times i was seeing if they were around and they told me “not now were busy discussing something” or “not right now were sleeping”

Wtf lol


exactly, it’s a catch 22. I honestly have to take some time and I can get them to pass, but when they appear they always appear so real and convincing. They suck me into the experience.

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They say that I don’t have voices, or that I am not sick. Well… cannot reason with it. It is an illness and these are just in the brain.

Now mine also say not to hear the voices

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