A visit from a succubus

A female entity visited me recently while I was lying in bed. At first she stalked smack and I got angry. Then I experienced a mechanically induced erection. After that she took away my erection and she told me she wanted me to hate her. As I channeled into my hatred my erection came back. A visual image got inserted in my mind of her naked breasts. Then I began to masturbate thinking about “making love” to her. As I did this she essentially told me to get more aggressive and sent me a visual of her face. Then it was complete. She told me I’ve been looking better lately, so I guess she couldn’t resist giving me a joi.

A few days later she also visited me and yodda yodda yodda I had an erection that lasted an hour. She basically was hounding me to go out on the prowl and she would work the magic on my you know what.

I figured it was some kind of trick/trap so I didn’t go out. You can’t trust a demon’s word for anything, nonetheless a witch.

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It goes against my code to ever be lured into looking for these people. If you find them, it will probably be a trap. Trust me, you don’t want to find them. Curiosity killed the cat. I stay far away from anyone associated with the occult. It doesn’t turn out well for either of us from what I can tell. It doesn’t turn out well for me, and it sometimes ends ugly for them if I spiritually defend myself.

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It is also against my code to go looking for trouble and that is all it will bring for a Catholic to mix with the subhuman parasites of the occult.

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And remember what the Byzantine prophecy says: don’t expect western Christians to take up arms in your defense; on the surface they are Christian, but they are pagans at heart.

This prophecy I believe comes from the Orthodox church, which is Catholic, and they advocate more personal freedom and liberty according to my understanding than the Roman Catholics do.

But in regards to the “Succubus”, I suppose even slaves were afforded a prostitute every now and then in the roman/pagan empire

My entity said I was “disrespecting” other religions over my thoughts of a specific pagan. My response: you can hate paganism without hating the pagan.

I don’t believe in succubi.

Good for you for not going out there. If you saw someone that your illness thought was her it wouldn’t have ended well for either of you.

Lol, you sure it wasn’t just one of my ex girlfriends?

What’s really good??? 0.0

Look ok? you gotta cut back gradually----- with hard drugs.— You can’t just stop it all at once noone can take that noone.

You’re going to need a pill cutter and or smaller lines by the millimeter. You don’t know what that is off hand? go Grab a ruler. And just throw the crown over here and stop hating me for nothing. or continue to do so… idk???

I’m tellin’ you by the MILLIMETER not the centimeter the millimeter. and it’s gonna take a long arse time.


You know I hate being the man. I resign---- it’s too much work…

And now i’m just one of those poor a@##$%^^& that just speaks at these gay meetings. fml.

I don’t believe she had a body anyway, although I suppose she could have been a witch, but I don’t give witches that much credit.

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that’s pretty full on, glad i’ve never experienced it.

I’m sorry.

You really were one of the best friends I ever had. You know that. You gottta believe me man it wasn’t my fault. You saw me back then… you know I’m telling the truth! Shottie!!! throws passenger into the grass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a joke, I’m not really like that anymore though.

please forgive me now everybody. You all SAW me back then, you know how screwed up in the head I was.

I’m still halucinating too!!! man it doesn’t freakin’ end!!!

Take care