A violent fear of children

Geez, you never know what they are going to do. You really need a plan for them.

Myself, I was a frightened child who never outgrew it.

Lol, what exactly do you mean by “violent” fear? Are you scared they’ll beat you up or what?

By violent I mean disturbing so that I don’t want to be in their presence. I’m afraid they’ll have needs I don’t understand.

Oh, sure. It’s good to always have their parents around to take care of that. Kids really do the darnedest things sometimes too.

I’m a bit scared of children too. Too noisy and chaotic and needy.


Children are the salt of the earth. As Wordsworth put it “the Child is the Father”.

In our family it was more the father is the child.

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Yeah don’t worry. It’s pretty common for guys who don’t have kids or haven’t been around them much to have anxiety around them. Even people without mental health conditions.

I’m a girl - even some girls fear children.

Yeah true sorry.

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