A Video Of An Adult Crying About Their Mom Kicking Them Out Is Getting Backlash — But The Reactions Overlook A Harsh Truth

Case in point—a young person with schizophrenia has gone viral with a video of their mother evicting them from her home. And the response has been predictably ignorant.


Dang, I dunno what to say— I guess with respect to this individual’s situation, there’s just not enough context to go off of.

I also worry about being kicked out of my mom’s house— we got into an argument on Christmas Eve which led to her saying it wasn’t healthy for me to live with her and vice versa. We’ve since had a little bit better of communication, but getting kicked out and just being perceived as a leech or a burden in general is always in the back of my mind.

I dunno— this is a very debilitating illness for a lot of people, and I always try to do what I can when I can— I think that’s the thing: if a little window clears up, one can try to do all that one can in that time, and sometimes that’s all we can do, if that makes sense.

The thing that pisses me off about the video is the gentleman giving his two cents afterwards— the disconnect is very real, and he’s totally coming from a place of entitlement and bootstrap mentality.

I wish we had more background on the context of this video, I really do.


I read the article and learned a new saying:

Treat’em and street’em.


I just watched the video for a third time: it has 1.2 million views.

God, the public even doesn’t understand what this illness actually is, and now some lone uninformed twatbag gives his opinion on the matter and the situation blows up.

I will also say that recording arguments for the sake of the clock app is cringy enough— regardless of mental health status. I’m not understanding why this individual has broadcasted this to a larger audience— many of whom don’t even know or care to understand what schizophrenia is.

Fuucking hell.