A Vicious Rivalry

Sept 11th is coming @alien99. You’re 1-0 so far and we’re 0-1. That’s preseason though, so we’re still gonna crush ya!


Go 49’rs…

@Malvok, We’re gonna be 2-0 after we face the Dallas Cowgirls this weekend. Who do y’all face?

Go Raiders…

Go Raiders?!?! Who in their right mind roots for the nasty Roiders?!

The Bills.

I have high hopes for this season.

Well, yeah. Their time was in the seventies. But you never know. They may rise again.

Shame on you @77nick77! I hope you’re joking. I can live with you being a 49ers fan…they’re a legit team and have an illustrious history. But the Raiders fans who have leaked over into Phoenix here are insane, just as insane as on TV. I would never go to a Raiders game out of fear for my safety, and that’s not an exaggeration.

My best friend is a Squealers fan. We give each other hell on the weekends. He’s 72, I’m 32. He keeps joking that we are the Browns rebranded. Pittsburgh got lucky to go 8-8 last year. A lot of those games could have really been blow-outs. Glad to see James Harrison out of there. He looks like he just assaulted an old lady.

You are! They could have gone to Tibet and they’d still be the Browns.

Yeah, what a great reputation. They didn’t get their status as the most penalized team in the league for nothing. Bring back Stabler, Casper, and Skip (Dr. Death) Peterson…

LOL. I’m just glad we got a team in the 90s. The first year I started following them (1996), they won it all. Was glad to see Ray Lewis go out with another ring.

The season of the year when men start to fight - each in his own way. Sorry, I guess I don’t understand football. Or maybe I do. Still it’s done in good sport. I don’t know of a killing stemming from a football game.

My only real problems are how games on the TV sit right in the middle of holiday celebrations and also the brain injury that has occurred + will occur in games as currently played. No one - the higher ups, the players and probably spectators wish to change the.

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Go Dolphins!! Miami Dolphins number 1…we used to have that song for them…70`s…

Being from NJ, I am a Giants fan - not a huge one now, but still a fan

I can get behind the Giants.

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@Malvok, oh man, where were y’all on this one?!

Video is halfway down the page, 8 seconds long. I hope the Steelers look better than this come game time!

Oh for God sake…I see “A vicious rivalry” then the first sentence says "Sept 11th is coming’ and I thought it was about 9/11, war and chaos…LOL


Hey @alien99, we both won! :football: