A very serious question Trigger Warning ⚠️

My daughter’s dad was a bad dude. When she graduates from college she plans on moving out of state and getting help from her dad. when I knew him I think he may have done some illegal things but I’m not sure. He didn’t have a job but he had a lot of cash. I don’t think he’s a bad guy now but what if she moves down there (Florida) and he’s a bad influence? Should I tell her what he did? I’ve never told her. She wants to move to Florida bc there are a lot of Hispanics there and she looks like them. There are not many Hispanics in WV.

That is a really tricky one. If you decide to tell her, you might want to be careful how you word it, so she doesn’t think you are just trying to turn her against him. But if you think she might be put in danger, she really has to know the risks.


since she is your daughter and all three of you are somewhat connected thru her. perhaps you could insist upon getting to know your daughters dad some over the phone or however so that you know she will be safe. nothing wrong with being concerned. and by communicating with her dad you will have more understanding about what she is getting into.

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