A very rough day at my house

I’m in the middle of a pretty significant med change,

One that started before all this mess happened.

I’m not coping well with my mother in law’s passing and my husband is definitely not.

He called out of work today, cried a lot, wanted to go on a hike, but now he’s asleep.

Thank gods.

I don’t know how to deal with this grief (for both of us) when I can hardly cope with this med change.

Oy vey,

I hope this gets easier soon.


I’m sure it’ll get easier as time goes on. I’m very bad at handling grief myself even from pets. But even for me time does seem to heal.

Good luck also with the med change.


I’m sorry for your loss and that you two are going through all this. Maybe he’ll feel more refreshed when he wakes up.

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I’m sorry @anon54386108
I lost my Mom last year and it does get better over time.

Hang in there.


I’m so sorry @anon54386108 I know this must be hard on top of the med change… I hope you feel more settled soon …I know you had a lot of house changes too if I read right that can’t be easy

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Oopphh, that’s rough.

She was a big part of both of your lives, the world is still a mess, med change. That’s a lot of stressors. I can understand why you’re feeling off.

You’ve never struck me as weak, you’ve too much fire. The fight is hard right now, but I still believe in your strength. I have faith you can come through this.

Time helps as the change settles, but we’re allowed to feel until then.

Be safe Mr. Gable. You have a llama in your corner.


I’m sorry for yall’s loss @anon54386108. Losing a loved one is super hard, especially if you’re dealing with something like a med change. I know from experience that it gets a little easier with time. I pray that you and your husband find peace as you go through this together.

And don’t forget, we’re here for you.


I’d go slower on the med change. Stress can make symptoms stronger.


I think you should tell your pdoc how hard all this is and that the med changes are a lot to deal with. See what the pdoc suggests. I’m really sorry you’re going through this.


sorry for your loss @anon54386108 =(

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Sending all the positive vibes I can to your family and you @anon54386108

Perhaps you could postpone the med adjustment for now? Maybe it can wait until things settle back down for you?

Grief is a terrible thing. I feel for you


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Hope things get better soon

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