A very organized schizophrenic!

I have been working very hard on organizing everything in my apartment. It feels SO GOOD that I can find anything with relative ease. I pretty much know where everything is. I still have one more crate to sort through and organize, but it’s just a bunch of cables that need to be separated and wrapped individually!

Check it out!

Underbed Storage!


I’m proud of that 44-drawer red organizer for all my tiny parts!


This is amazing!


Nice! I have also been reorganizing my life to fit how my mind feels right now. Clear.


Great job!!! I’m somewhat organized, my room especially has gotten better over the months


That’s awesome! I’m no where as neat as you. I have too many papers around. Kids generate a lot of paper from old school works, etc.


Stay away from my home!


true dat!

@anon41720500 hah I do the same thing… no one ever seems to understand, but I frankly like making house.


Oh my gosh that is my dream!

Do you have any tips on how to organize paperwork? Or any sites or organizing that you can recommend?


what an inspiration!!! well done!


Wow. :astonished:


Wow thats amazing. I really need to organise my closet in the new year and throw out some things.

I love how your plants just brighten thing up and bring life to your place. This inspires me to do a bit more with my house in the new year.

Your very organised. I’m glad I saw these pictures.

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yeah i can’t do that. i have tried to be organized but i fail miserably.

:smiley: MissJennyJen,
I would recommend getting the plastic storage organizers with insets for file folders. Get the manila file folder organizers (at Staples or somewhere like that), label the folders appropriately and then disperse your papers into the organizer. I don’t have one, but my Mother does. She organizes all of my SSI/Foodstamps/Apartment stuff in it and it works like a charm. It does help to get a $30-35.00 label-maker off Amazon (or at the store) so you can make nice, readable labels.

AC_US327_QL65file folder organizer

Actually, you’ve inspired me! Now I’m going to get a file folder organizer for my product manuals! It’s time to be an adult about my paperwork! I’ll organize my financial stuff, too!

For your daily mail, you might get something like this. I have one in my foyer/living room:


The key is to have ‘insets’ or ‘drawers’ – that you can disperse your paperwork into. Your mind should be able to remember the rough location that you dispersed your paperwork into with the aid of the slots or ‘drawers’! It doesn’t have to be perfect! :slight_smile:

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I just did a final ‘third sweep’ over my closet. Organized my leftover cables by individually-Velcro-ing them and placing them in a cable container. Found some winter stuff and put all of that in a big bin, too!

(music) :: I feel good – I knew that I would, yeah! :: :wink:

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Are you living anywhere near me? My place could use your help :blush: :rofl:


parallelepipeds64 Hmm… Am I right to assume that you have some RPG books on your bookshelf?

hmm try that again… Is that on your book shelf a few RPG books? or are they Graphic Novels?

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I have a few graphic novels (‘Blankets’ is one of them – which I highly recommend), but 95% are art-training books (books about Color Theory, Linear Perspective, Matrix Math and Rendering Algorithms) – and just a few stupid books that are extremely childish, but which I keep regardless! :wink:

I’ve never had enough of a friend network to play RPGs in person. I am a videogame RPG-fan, however!

Great job! I need to do that.

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Here’s a few more pictures of my organized apartment. I’ve been here a little over a year now and it’s finally starting to feel like home. :slight_smile:

TV Area

Plants adorn…

The Plants! Oh! The Plants!

Galley Kitchen…


Study/Exercise Room

My Bike and holiday tree!