A very new set of complications

I’m fairly young, younger than I know a lot of you may be…but I feel very alone. A few weeks ago … something inside of my head changed … I’ve been having problems since December… But everything has escalated so quickly.
It started … I convinced myself that everyone hates me … I could live with that… But I know that they’re talking about me … I know that they are thinking about hurting me … Laughing at me. It makes me angry at myself … I took a long drive the other day… My thoughts were racing … I saw a few unfamiliar people in the park … I knew they were looking at me … I knew they were thinking bad things about me … That was the first time I felt defensive … As if I wanted to hurt them … To make them stop. I can’t think straight a lot. I think and think but my mind can’t understand what I’m thinking about. I can’t sleep and it’s making things worse … When I slept the last time … I had these vivid dreams of hurting myself … In my dream there was a man who climbed inside of my head wounds and lived in there… I don’t want to hurt myself … And I don’t want to hurt anyone … I know I don’t want to … But I start panicking and I feel like I lose control of myself … I’m in the process of getting help … I’m trying to make it through the last week of my classes without having to be admitted … It’s all so embarrassing because my family is heavily evolved in my life considering my age. I just needed some sort of a support group … I don’t know if I suffer from schitzophrenia … I’m not sure. I just need to hear from someone who suffers from similar issues… I don’t want to feel alone…

Each persons experiences are different no mater what your diagnosis is. Definitely see a psychiatrist or at the least see a general practitioner as soon as you can. In the meantime remember to breathe it will help.


Are you actually diagnosed with something? If not see your doctor, chances are you won’t end up in hospital. If you leave it go and don’t see a doctor you could end up harming yourself or worse.

I have not been diagnosed with anything. I’m trying to hold in there until my appointment next week … Things have been bad lately.

Get yourself to a doctor ASAP. It sounds like you’re becoming psychotic, and that can end up killing you basically. You may or may not have to stay in hospital for a while, but being in hospital is no big deal.