A very important charity - 8 billion trees

This is no tree hugging movement. It is urgent work. They are cutting down the Amazon rain forest. This rain forest produces 15% of our atmosphere’s oxygen. It is an area the size of India, and it is being cut down with increasing rapidity. The Amazon rain forest is often called “The Lungs of the World”. So far I have donated $127.00 to the cause, and I plan to donate more. We need people to get behind this.



Our lawn also produces oxygen and a lot of it. I know you care, plant a tree in your community, save your money, you need it more

I’m only repeating credible information from people who study such things. Even if what you say is true, what harm is there in planting 8 billion trees? As for your opinion, I’ll follow people who studied the situation and who know more about it than you do.

I didn’t say 20 percent. I said 15 percent. The experts say that the science behind this is settled. Maybe we could see an unplanned, spontaneous reaction by the earth that would solve the situation. Maybe huge beds of algae could suddenly appear in the earth’s oceans that would replace the oxygen lost by deforestation, but we can’t count on that. We don’t know what is likely to happen.

You didn’t have to jump on @Orbeezlight like that @crimby. I think all the isolation is making people irritable. @Orbeezlight wasn’t attacking you or anything. They even said “I know you care…” If you want to see some revealing numbers, do a Google search on charity waste. Some charities (big name ones) only leave about 5% for their charitable work while pocketing and pissing away the rest. Take a chill pill dude.

From the posted article:

“As several scientists have pointed out in recent days, the Amazon’s net contribution to the oxygen we breathe likely hovers around zero.”

Many more scientists are alarmed by the destruction of the Amazon rain forest.

It’s bad, but not because it’s going to affect the oxygen supply. The 15-20% stuff is just a popular myth.

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I didn’t jump on anyone. I merely defended my position. He is just as guilty of jumping on me. It sounds to me like anyone arguing against your position is “jumping on somebody”.

Calm down, I have no position. And yes, your last sentence was snarky. You know it and I know it. You’re just upset that it didn’t turn into an echo chamber for you in this thread.

There is a lot of established science that maintains that it isn’t a myth. It is a fact.

I’ve detected a lot of condescension on your part. You’re being way more snarky than me.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not going to tit-for-tat with you. This whole thread is silly and I’m not wasting anymore time or thoughts on it. Have a good rest of your day.

Take that up with National Geographic (the poster of that article.)

You’re the one being obnoxiously condescending. I’m just defending the facts I stated.

It’s not ok to attack me for no reason. My voice is just as important as anyone’s and always will be.
I legit felt jumped on. I didn’t know whether to het my knife out, leave the group or ignore you. Try not to be so ignorant and rude next time y’all. We all should be supporting one another. #rememberkids #nogasslighting #nocatfishing #noviolence as it’s not nice :nerd_face::laughing:

I like your comments. Peace to the middle east. Yes, reforisting is important. Good you all chip into it.

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The ocean is actually a big oxygen maker. Its thanks to all sorts of bacteria that use the sun to make energy. I hope that any donating you do isn’t out of a sense of fear.

We’re going to make it. Its going to be a challenge, but we’ll do it.

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I hope you’re right. I’m just going by what I’ve heard from the people I choose to believe. They say that the oceans are dying, though. I don’t know if that includes algae and bacteria. There is a lot of methane trapped at the bottom of many of the oceans in the world. As the temperature rises this methane comes to the top and escapes. They say methane is much worse than carbon dioxide in causing global warming.