A Very Important Announcement

Kanye West has announced that he will run for President of USA in year 2020. :statue_of_liberty:

( think about the first lady tho)


2020 is going to be Trump 4 more years.

I hope he’s not serious about it… but then again he is Kanye West.

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btw which party is he running for?

Kardashians party :confetti_ball: :cocktail:

is that like ‘independant’ or similar?


This is a beautiful fantasy of what it would be like if Kanye were President… But I can’t post it :angry:

I :heart: Kim… She makes me horn*!

I would go for a Bruce…Jenner.

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You would… Lezbiana with Bruce.

I thought no one could top Donald Trump for being a jack ass, but Kanye did it.

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you can’t blame the ’ stupid ’ for trying… :wink:
and they say we are delusional…!?!
take care :alien:


It won’t make any sense. What good is running for Presidency if you don’t even know how to manage Gov’t on a smaller scale - say as in a Governor or Senator?

Don’t even tell me managing a business is like managing a Gov’t. The President is in charge of military forces and can enact laws that affect other countries even.

Definitely not trusting an American with 0% Gov’t experience on his resume.

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My guess is Hillary Clinton will last from '16 to '24.

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There is an Instagram account “Kanye doing things” lmao :smile: dude is just hilarious

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I first thought your getting married.before I clicked in lol

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Lol Kanye as a President is far more possible to happen.


Half of you aren’t americans… and I thank god for that

Yeah…we don’t have that privilege. Half humans. Barely cultivated.
So tragical.