A very hard ? that a friend ask one time i could not ansewer on gun's

if you buy a gun on the street, and wish not to keep it, what is the best way to get rid of it? after all it is illegal to have one.

Turn it in to the police station. But I would call and let them know you are coming and have an unloaded gun or things could go badly. Don’t brandish it. It could get you shot.


around here they have gun turn in days. you turn them over with no questions asked. i think they usually get a couple hundred each time.

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Bury it. Throw it in the ocean or a lake. Make double sure it’s unloaded and wrap a million garbage bags around it and throw it away in a dumpster.

Or if all else fails give Lefty and Shorty a call and tell them to take it off your hands and not to squeal if they get caught.

Why use a gun? Use a frying pan instead.

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