A very anoying girl

i have too friends near home and tath girl! from the first site, i didn’t like or trust her. she have depression but she takes meds so its cool, but i did a small dinner for my friends and she got annoyed at my friend yosi becos he cot her speech. so a hole hower she nagged and nagged until i shut her up by seeing its enough
so she get quiet thanks god. and the morning afterward she told us that wear troubled. social stupit people and snobs and becos she is have depression we must be considering to her. and that’s fuckd up. she ruwin my party that i worked and cooked allot. and i have billion resons to be ■■■■■■■ like she wose. and i hope for the wors for her (in the morning she sent a goodby lether…the story mor complicatet but its a lot to write soo)

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