A variety on the "Mountainman diet" (sorry mm)

this is a very long time i have known mountainman only eats one meal a day.

He said it every now and then… and the idea surfaced for me 3 weeks ago to do OMAD which is a thing

gotta say that fasting can be really bad for mental health - i tried to do intermittent fasting and did not get on with it it made me slightly mental

I’m now doing a 22 - 23 h fast every day
lemon juice and water allowed but not creamer

sugar free mints occasionally and tasting food i cook separately for my husband

its’ not rigid but has clear boundaries, which I’ve set as a guideline that works just for me

I’ve also - as it’s only one meal been able to finally go vegan again- (not one plate a kind of schmaugasboard of all nutrient dense food)

I started with 1oz of cheese but after a week went totally vegan

after that, sourdough bread oil vinegar and salt as a kind of fast breaking starter

now changed both those to green salad with oil and bits and pieces of veg

2 small bowls of other food … a tbsp or so Kimchi (fermented cabage) or miso soup

i’ve had things like avocado, date and chilli paste and a bean lentil veg stew or sometimes just a big plate of stew

Fresh fruit, dried fruit or antipasti

a fruit based sugary or with nuts home made pudding like a flapjack or soya ice-cream and summer fruits or apple sauce

2 pieces of dark chocolate

not all of that at once
at first i would fill as much food as possible
pudding is v important because it is necessary to be satisfied totally so that the fast can start again.

so for example - that all was a bit of a mess to understand any rules there but
salad with oil and sun-dried tomatoes,
3 dried figs, a handful of sour cherries, a banana a tiny bit of porridge with honey
a flapjack (nuts, seeds, hemp, oats, fruit etc)
a small /medium plate of bean lentil veg stew
2 pieces dark chocolate.

Don’t know how easy it is for that to come accross as rules but the idea is there …
it’s evolving

dried fruit (all within boundaries)
bean/ lentil/ vegetable stew
whole grains in some form
something fermented
pudding (with fruit)
2 bits dark chocolate

been doing this 3 weeks today

9lbs down
no hunger
little effort
I did look forward to eating counting down the minutes for 4 - 5h at first

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Good job. You will need to cut out bread unless you but vegan bread. The eggs and milk in bread make it non vegan. Otherwise this looks good.

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Thanks … the bread was from a kind of master baker place - sourdough experts for over 100 yrs
i didn’t check but i think it was natural

i will ask though thanks for the heads up!

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Do you eat a plant based diet/ vegan?

i forget who is on here

No, but my grandfather was vegan for years. I have written on diet for some magazines. One article on hidden animal products in foods or drinks thought of as vegan. Like white sugar is strained through charcoal made from animal bones.

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