A tropical fruit could help tackle a devastating mental illness


Surprised they haven’t found this out earlier if it really was the case :slight_smile:

im gonna inject its juice into my neck.


Let;s see…!!!

Im guessing it doesnt grow here in New Jersey?

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Here is a thesis on previous research…conclusion says casual benefits, whatever that means.



hey… they grow that in my country… its called Manggis here… there kinda sweet.and theres a large seed in it. delicious… i dont know if it has a psychological calming effect on me… i think i’m always hyper…

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Hopefully this helps some though I doubt it will. I know a lot of people are into the batural stuff.

Found a place to buy it, if someone wants to try it out, i may give it a go at some point


When you said, Tropical Fruit, I thought you meant Richard Simmons there for a second. :wink:


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I thought you were a girl cuz I read your screen name as Meghan gorilla

I think I mix up ppls genders 80% of the time on this board

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Meghilla gorilla used to be a cartoon from the fifties or somethin.

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Orded some from a local source will let you guys know if i notice any effect at all.
Im not expecting much but anything is worth a try.

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