A trivial observation

I’ve had no ear wax for at least 3 months now.

me either, and I normally have some everyday. Weird.

edit for me it’s been about a month and a half

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Whats your secret for getting rid of it?

Q-tips Probably @anon12381882. They Usually Work Efficiently. Not Sacred. Unless!, It Feels Sacred. Like a Cleansing Process of Hope. A Hope For The Ears. To Be Cleaner Than Before. If One Keeps Up to Date With Cleanliness. One Will Find That it Will Take Less Work Than Before…, Ya’know?.. . … :sleeping:

that is good
have nice time

I wouldnt stick q tips in my ears thats bad. I would get rid of it using ear wax removal drops.

Yeah, it’s suppose to be bad. But I do it anyway.

One Wonders, “q”, Tips…, Is it a Question Being Asked By The Government?.

For Example, The Government Asking, “QUESTION!, WILL YOU USE THUS PRODUCT”?.

N e Hoo.

Good Job @firemonkey!, Maybe Look into Guinness World Records (!?!)… . … :sleeping:

There’s been none to get rid of.

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