A trip to Costa Rica

Long time has passed since I was there
only flying to San Jose after a party with my friends
still felt drunk in the hotel
but then I felt much better to rent a car
and drive around San Jose for a while
only to head to the Gulf coast of Costa Rica
to spend few days in a beach hotel
enjoying the Sun, waves and those black monkeys
only to continue through the country
to see some vulcanos and staying near one one night
to see lava flowing in the darkness
to wake up to the sunny morning
and taking again a car to continue to the Pacific coast
driving in the darkness to Jaco
a wonderful beach town with great beaches
and walking around
and then more walking around
to end my little trip by driving to San Jose
from where I flew again to the place where I came from.


You’re a well travelled guy !

When I was young I traveled a lot in different nations and US states.

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