A trick I use personally to combat (even cure?) fear(s)

I ask myself if anything remotely close to my elaborate and preposterous fear has ever happened before in the news.

Some may not be able to take heart. So I’ll add a personal thing: I thought there was a slightest of chances that an old jaded guy who I made a transgression toward in business would exact revenge 10 years after the fact and target a loved one. People though, don’t do that.

And plus, ‘when it’s all said and done, a lot more gets said, than done.’

And this is the best of me! I forgave him on Social media… it’s over for me. I’m free. I’m here to help now!


Great quote I love that

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Thank you!! It really is over it took a little extra time after I put forgiveness in writing but it’s nothing that bad in my head now. I wish we could break bread or have a (non alcoholic) beer together.

Heck, for your ears too !!!

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Oops that came out a little wrong.

I merely was saying something about the last part of the OP; as in I’d grab a beer with you. Single serving or otherwise

I’m glad you’re here. You’re extraordinarily like-able!

Maybe I’m a flatterer. and you know what they say: It gets you nowhere. Haha. Still I AM glad for the advent of @dcragg65 !!!

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Hey @Happy2Help thank you for the kind words. I always enjoy your post, you’ve always got some good comments or insight to share

Ask for the cold pint… I’m in!! :+1::grin::+1:


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