A treatment protocol to guide the delivery of dialogical engagement with auditory hallucinations: Experience from the Talking With Voices pilot trial

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I’m surprised more voice hearers have not engaged in this post.

Is it because they think their voices come from the supernatural rather than as mentioned in this study a dissociative part of the self, or with the example I use where a scientific study said voices are what the hearer expects to hear?


The certainty scheme on which the Sz condition is based on;
The causal factor or/ultimate cause or/existential cause or/ functional cause or / the pathogen is a parasitic in its nature,non-endogenous,it does not form a natural part of the inherited psychological self or organic genetic material

It is meaningless to adopt any theoretical hypothesis ,while it is contrary to the fundamental data of the condition

We do not know any scientific necessary that permits the adoption of theoretical data that differ /contradict the original data of the sz condition.

It easy to explain that ;the casual factor is independent and it is not a part from the human psychological self ( the psychological user )

To understand the hart of the sz condition;
Parasitism condition is a phenomenon that can happen to any living thing,even if this thing is the human psychological self,even if the human self is the product of the genetic functions or as an independent existence or if it is an illusion

Parasitism can occur completely to the human psychological self regardless
what is the root origin of it

The sz condition is the most sophisticated form of parasitism condition ,so that you can look at what is happens between the virus and the host cell in order to know the reality of the existential independence of the causal factor

If a virus (parasite) entered the call and linked to its components and exploited them to implement its directions to achieve its vital needs

In any case,despite this intruder presence,attachment and functional exploitation of the host cell,we can not believe that the virus is a normal part from the host cell itself or the parasite is a product of the genetic functions of this cell (the parasite does not coming or be alive by the genetic functions of the host cell

The parasite maintains its own existence ,independent of the host cell ,despite its positioning inside the cell,being linked to it and harnessing it functionally through exchange the information

in the case of sz,the casual factor (the hallucination entity who producing the voices) remains independent about the human psychological self regardless all features of linkage

In other words,the parasite does not changing into cell and the cell does not changing into parasite organism !

All phenomena,processes,events,changes,disorders and symptoms that occur in the information of mental processes,emotions,chemical activities of the brain and the personal behavioral responses arise ontologically /functionally resulting from the activity of an adapted psychological parasite that you call it the hallucination !

Everything from a change,disorder or symptoms related the sz condition must occur after the issued of the vocal speaking of the hallucination entity to the host hearer

Nothing of this happen according to an endogenous activity of the human genome or/ according to acquired psychological experiences or to abnormal environmental effects- that is true regardless of the theoretical assumptions

The question;
how do you understand what is happening in the level of the emotion /awareness of the person who listening to the vocal message that delivered by the hallucination entity (the speaker) ?

1- listening to the vocal message that emitted by the psychological parasite (hallucination entity) has the same effect When the gene RNA receiving the data message of the gene DNA !!

What does this mean ?
The gene RNA will produce (create) a specific protein after receiving the DNA message

While after hearing the vocal message of the psychological parasite ,a mental concept (an idea /thought) is formed /printed in the conscious mind tissue of the host that corresponding to the text content of the received vocal message

(the emission /emergence of a new mental concept in the conscious mind fabric of the hearer through a verbal mechanism /phonemic mechanism,which is a pure audible to the recipient than his personal thoughts )

In normal position,the ideas arise /emitted in the conscious mind in a non-sonic matter ( non- acoustic ),they are an implicit electrochemical Signals not a heard voices ,while the message of the psychic parasite that received in the conscious mind of the recipient is vocally / pronounced in nature ,so that it is more obvious to the recipient than his natural thoughts !

If the message of DNA constitutes a specific protein ,while the message of the psychic parasite form/ synthesis a specific idea (in most of cases it is illusion ,false or mythological)

If the data content of the DNA message cannot be modified by the RNA after it has been issued ,the message of the hallucination entity cannot modified by the mind of the hearer after it has been issued

If the RNA embodies the data message of DNA into an organic material ,the data message of the psychic parasite embodies into mental concept ( a new inspired idea )

So that,the receiver must modify the perception of every vocal message after its occurs ,if he does not ,it will become a part of his personal beliefs,whereas he will think,say and behave behaviorally according to the directions of the inspired idea !!

So the thought & the protein !!

@panoramic202 You might have something interesting to say but could you say it in many fewer words? Brevity is the soul of wit.

It is understood that,the antibodies which produced by the autoimmune system are directed mainly towards the foreign organisms that enter the human body

In brevity,tell us how this immune system can secrete antibodies against a psychological organism which you call it hallucination?
Notice that,the hallucination is a mental realization of an effects,while they are not existed in the realistic world

How do the organic immune system sense the presence of the things be called hallucinations (an effects that does not existed in the realistic environment ),and how does the confrontation occur (if it occurs)??

“Experience from the talking with voices” !!
When you talking with someone over the phone or / to be in a direct mutual bilateral dialogue with some friends or even strangers
It is not reasonable to describe the condition that you are talking with a voices or talking to a voices !

In the other side,if you are talking with the voices that come from a newscast,recorded message,with a voices of a song coming from the radio or with the voices of people that come from a busy street,
in that cases,you are talking with voices or talking to a voices ,whereas there is no mutual bilateral dialogue between a sender and receiver or vice versa

The person with sz is not in a one-sided dialogue with phonological phenomena ,but rather in a bilateral reciprocal dialogue with another (regardless of his identity or where he is )

So,the statement (experience from the talking with voices) gives false impressions /conclusions about the phenomenon in question for any reader !